Services Provided

Individual Counseling

individualcounselingI believe, at their core, people are well-meaning and want to thrive and live healthy lives.I also believe (and have witnessed time and again) this happens when given the right tools and opportunity.

Whether seeking counseling for depression, anxiety, healing from traumatic events, life adjustment issues, relationship problems, parenting issues, or addictions, the circumstances surrounding us carry a profound impact.

Helping to make sense of one’s personal experience, and fostering a healthy and goal oriented outcome, is the mindset I have when conducting therapy. This may be diving into relationship work, developing personalized self-care, coping with traumatic stress, or creating personal behavior change.

I emphasize a client-centered approach to therapy.  I have found this allows my clients to take control of their own treatment, and find lasting solutions to help strengthen themselves in various aspects of their lives.

I welcome clients of all cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds into my practice. I work with adult individuals, teens, families; gay, gender fluid, trans, queer, questioning, and straight.

Teen and Family Counseling

teenfamilyI strive to provide teens with a safe place to talk about past, or ongoing, personal issues. When appropriate, I also aim towards engaging in a collaborative process with family members, or other important support systems in their lives. I believe in utilizing harm-reduction strategies to assist with reducing tensions when it is relevant in treatment, and Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) to bring teens and families closer to their goals. I take a client-centered approach when working in this context as well. I find this encourages a process where authentic conversations and concerns can be addressed, and where the most effective path towards healing and growth can be forged.