Kelsey Dugan, LCAT

kelseyduganIf your child or teen struggles from depression, anxiety, peer issues, or regulating emotions or anger, my therapeutic techniques may be a good fit!

Child Therapy

As a licensed child and teen art therapist, I weave a variety of therapy approaches to best meet the needs of my clients and help relieve the distress they feel. As a therapist I have worked with kids of different ages, with different presenting issues, and varying temperaments. I have found there is no single best way to engage a child or teen, but instead apply an approach that begins with a non-obligational, and inviting feel to it. This allows me to begin to assess what is negatively impacting a child or teen the most, what approaches can be used in therapy to benefit them, and how to work with my clients in the most individualized way. This helps them to feel “connected”, understood, and emotionally attended to.

Art Therapy

One specialty I use to process trauma, and work through other difficult emotional feelings, is art therapy. Although every child and teen has a different relationship with art, the opportunity to work with their hands, utilize a wide variety of colors and materials, and engage creatively, typically has a calming, yet revitalizing, effect on my clients.

My therapy space is designed for my clients to feel comfortable, but also to appeal to the creative and emotional parts within them. Time and again I have seen kids and teens flourish as making art is introduced as a method of calming their minds and bodies, learning “emotional connectivity”, and working on personal issues affecting their lives.

Payment, Insurance, etc..

I am working to provide potential clients with access to my services as best as I can. Currently I accept out of pocket payment for therapy sessions, but am able accept Trillium Health Insurance at this time as well.

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