Are you affected emotionally by events of your past, which may come and go, but never really go away? Are these thoughts and feelings related to past interpersonal issues or relationship problems?noah3

Making sense of past trauma – often intertwined with family and other significant relationships – understanding our natural responses, and developing techniques to diminish emotionally stressful symptoms, is my specialty.

My name is Noah Carolan. I work with people who often find short term ways to cope with feelings of hopelessness, high anxiety, and depression, but struggle to overcome these issues and make lasting improvements. In addition to hopelessness, anxiety, and depression, some of the clients I see experience substance abuse, impulsive behavior, self-harm, or social withdrawal.

About Me

My background as a family therapist has given me unique experience in dealing with relationship and interpersonal trauma.

Services Provided

Individual Counseling I believe, at their core, people are well-meaning and want to thrive and live healthy lives.I also believe (and have witnessed time and again) this happens when given the right tools and opportunity.

Scheduling & Insurance

If you would like to make an appointment for therapy you can reach me at (541) 326-0019. I receive text messages at (541) 968-6624. You can also visit my online calendar